Hi there! Welcome and thank you for visiting www.delishbymich.com! I'm Michelle, and I've always loved baking since I was little. Baking is a passion that I share with my grandmother, and she would always give me recipe books, and new tools to try out. As I continued to share that passion with friends and family, the phrase "word of mouth" meant more and more to me.

Next thing you know, in 2010, I started taking custom cupcake orders and further developed my skills. I moved on to cake pops, cakes, muffins, basically anything that you can put in the oven!

Three years later, I was diagnosed with MS, which fuelled my drive to succeed and level up my game even more!

I am grateful for the positive feedback from my clients, and also humbled to have built a good reputation in my local community.

Contact me for custom desserts for any occasion!​